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Market Mapping

Market Mapping is an invaluable service for organisations seeking a greater understanding of the talent landscape by way of functional skill or by geographical location. This dedicated service is especially useful when considering entering new markets in order to gain a deeper understanding of the talent pool, in order to evaluate any perceived or actual skill shortages.

Market Mapping is an effective and cost-effective way of assessing potential candidates and markets without having to conduct a full search, especially with respect to confidential research and analysis projects.

TalentHawk offers three distinct levels of Market Mapping:

Basic - By researching potential candidates from a distance, TalentHawk is able to assess market conditions and the prevalence of skills. We then compile a comprehensive report broken down by name, company, position, responsibility, web link and contact details.

Intermediate - With our intermediate service, further research is undertaken to establish the candidates’ contact details and to gauge their interest in pursuing new ventures and opportunities.

Advanced - Potential candidates are contacted discreetly and individually in order to further assess their suitability for new roles. During this stage, candidates are informed about the mapping process and technically assessed to measure the proficiency of their skills

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