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Managed Services

Optimising global and technical workforce strategies is a major component of an organisation’s ability to gain competitive advantage.  

The business of today is looking to embrace all forms of resource delivery solutions according to value and risk considerations. As the global markets have opened up, more business strategies are incorporating outsourcing solutions for their cost effectiveness and savings, and many sectors such as IT have begun to welcome the change. 

At TalentHawk we help organisations build talent management solutions which are aligned to these business strategies. 

We handle all forms of resource and service adoption, including: Direct Hires, Outsourcing and Third-Party Services.  Within our managed programmes we make full use of all resourcing channels from single resource requests to Statements of Work. In addition, through effective stakeholder engagement we craft IT service pipelines which draw upon both active and passive candidate pools and third party support.

We achieve these goals by constantly evolving our methodology to ensure your workforce is always ready and able to meet future challenges.

We offer a range of managed solutions including:

  • Managed Service Programmes
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Statement of Work – Vendor Management Programmes
  • Volume Based Project Hires
  • Recruitment Analytics

These solutions have a proven impact on organisational efficiency; improving the quality of technical resources, driving measurable productivity gains and delivering overall savings.

Talenthawk provides the expertise to plan, fulfill and manage the key elements of your workforce – delivering optimised workforce strategies with measurable results.

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