TalentHawk aims to operate first-class standards of service within contract recruitment.  In order to achieve this and to pay your fees quickly and efficiently, we would be grateful if you could please bear in mind the following guidelines:

Please return your Company Information Form now!  This includes your Bank Account details, including your sort code, account number, account name and bank name/address.  We will then set up your account and raise a log-in name and password for our online timesheet facility.

TalentHawk operates a monthly payment cycle based on the calendar month.  So timesheets and invoices will cover from the 1st to the 30th/31st.  Payments will be made by BACS starting three business days after the end of the month.  Invoices which reflect the hours recorded on our timesheet system will need to be submitted by 1pm on the 2nd business day to be processed in the first payment run on the 3rd.    There will be subsequent payment runs (every Tuesday and Friday) so invoices received after the first cut off will be processed on the next available run.

Please enter your login details below:

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